Green Infrastructure Atlas

3 Rivers Wet Weather

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

April 2015 - Ongoing

green infrastructure, stormwater management, web application development, data maintenance strategy, field mapping

CivicMapper was retained by 3 Rivers Wet Weather (3RWW) to develop a unified web mapping platform to replace several disparate, legacy mapping systems and to implement a new approach to data collaboration and maintenance that would support an ongoing need for integrated watershed management and planning in the greater Pittsburgh area.

The first project in this platform is the Green Infrastructure Atlas. This project focused on compiling regional green infrastructure data into a robust geospatial database accessible by user interfaces tailored for sharing and editing data on desktop and mobile devices. The Atlas is currently comprised of three applications. A public map provides general viewing, querying, and data summarization capabilities for existing green infrastructure projects. A second mapping application, designed for 3RWW’s trusted partners, adds data editing and maintenance capabilities. Finally, a “geo-form” designed for smartphones enables quick, location-aware data editing and photo upload capabilities.

This project is ongoing. Future tasks include opening up a data contribution workflow to the broader public, creating custom-tailored basemap cartography, and an upgrade of the underlying data schema to enable logging of both infrastructure maintenance data and sensor-based flow monitoring data.