Sewer Atlas

3 Rivers Wet Weather

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

August 2015 - Ongoing

wastewater infrastructure, stormwater management, web application development, data maintenance strategy, network tracing, infrastructure mapping

CivicMapper was retained by 3 Rivers Wet Weather (3RWW) to develop a unified web mapping platform to replace several disparate, legacy mapping systems and to implement a new approach to data collaboration and maintenance that would support an ongoing need for integrated watershed management and planning in the greater Pittsburgh area.

The second project in this platform, the 3RWW Sewer Atlas, entailed a sweeping re-envisioning of a previous map and workflow into a modern, mobile-first, and field-ready wastewater network mapping and analysis toolset. The Sewer Atlas provides an interactive view of a compiled wastewater network dataset covering the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority’s (ALCOSAN) 82-municipality service area. This dataset has been curated and reconciled into a robust geometric network, which enables network tracing (upstream and downstream tracing) and summary functionality to support system analysis and monitoring processes at a regional level.

Future tasks include upgrading the data model to support a regional asset management workflow to be utilized by all municipal partners, linking wastewater network data endpoints to stormwater modeling tools at the watershed level, and create a 3D data viewer. This tool supports ALCOSAN’s ongoing efforts to regionalize wastewater trunks and ultimately the authority’s work to comply with the federal consent decree to eliminate raw wastewater from entering the region’s waterways.