SUSTAIN Data Extractor

3 Rivers Wet Weather

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

April 2015 - Ongoing

green infrastructure, stormwater management, ETL, municipal data support, outreach

The SUSTAIN Data Extractor is a built-purpose mapping tool for exploring and downloading 3 Rivers Wet Weather’s (3RWW) results from an EPA System Urban Stormwater Treatment and Analysis Integration (SUSTAIN) model run for Allegheny County. SUSTAIN is a planning-level site suitability analysis for green stormwater infrastructure (GSI); the modeling work was conducted by 3RWW and finalized May 15, 2013.

This application was built with a very specific purpose: to help municipalities comply with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) geographic information systems (GIS) map submission requirements of the Phase I Municipal Consent Orders. With this application, 3RWW was able to supply municipalities with the map data needed to address the DEP requirement, at no cost to them.

This open-source web mapping tool is based on the WPRDC’s original Property Information Extractor prototype, which was based on Chris Whong’s plutoplus. In adapting those tools for this project, we made some big changes under the hood. To utilize ArcGIS Server map services, this version swaps out the CARTO JS javascript library used by those tools for the Esri-Leaflet javascript library.