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What we Do: geospatial Technology solutions

CivicMapper is a geospatial solutions provider that uses modern mapping technology for decision makers on the front lines of climate, infrastructure, and social equity. We develop geospatial data, build web-based analysis tools, and create spatially enabled software for many types of projects in the natural and built environments.


We specialize in map-based data, tools, and applications for climate change and stormwater. We gather data, create software tools, and develop web-based apps that help communicate essential information on climate and wet weather issues.


CivicMapper integrates infrastructure asset data with geo-enabled analysis tools that enable planners, engineers, and managers to make informed decisions on community and transportation development.

social equity

CivicMapper understands the dynamic between places, policy, and people, and we create analysis tools and platforms that help our clients gain new insights into these relationships.

our origins and values

At CivicMapper, we understand that the world is changing in ways we have never experienced before. We also believe that geospatial technology is an invaluable resource for improving understanding of our past, present, and future.

CivicMapper was formed in 2015 by founders with extensive backgrounds in the fields of urban planning, geospatial technology, and Earth science. Early in our careers, we witnessed the power that location-enabled data and technologies have for informing responsible decision making. We wanted to bring these resources to new markets and use them to solve increasingly complex problems in our natural and built environments.

As founders, we have the amazing opportunity and privilege to create a company that supports our ethos and provides great service to our customers. To that end, we are guided by five “I” values and aspire to meet them in our life and work:


We value honesty, communication, kindness, and respecting boundaries in our interactions.


We curiously seek out new ideas, tools, and technologies that will create the most useful, stable, and lasting solutions for our customers.


We pursue interests outside of work to gain experiences that will inform and enrich our lives.


We believe diversity is strength and we are mindful of the comfort and rights of others.


We participate in community building, connecting our networks, and growing professional relationships.

our Team

Emily Constantine Mercurio



Emily C. Mercurio, PhD, PG (she/her) is the CEO and Co-Founder of CivicMapper. She leverages 25 years of experience with Earth science data and mapping technologies for leading the development and application of CivicMapper’s products and services. Her career has focused on creating innovative and data-driven solutions to support decisions at the intersection of our natural and built environments. Emily is motivated by a desire to use geospatial data and technologies to build a more informed, resilient, and sustainable world. She sits on the boards of the Pennsylvania State University Graduates of Earth and Mineral Science (GEMS) and Three Rivers Waterkeeper. Outside of the office, Emily enjoys visiting hot springs, making crafts, and exploring the Earth with family and friends.

Christian Gass



Christian Gass (he/him) is the COO and co-founder of CivicMapper. He is a full-stack geospatial software designer and developer with a background in urban and environmental planning, spatial analysis, and GeoDesign using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Christian has been with CivicMapper since co-founding the company in August 2015 and has over a decade of professional experience with geospatial technology. At CivicMapper, Christian’s work includes geospatial web application development, data pipelines creation, system architectures design, cloud deployment orchestration, and user experience design. He is committed to user-focused, collaborative software design and development. Outside of the office, you'll find Christian hauling his kids around town in his cargo bike, working on a series of endless home renovations, or in the pool.

Matthew Mercurio



Matt Mercurio (he/him) is the co-founder and Geospatial Technology Officer at CivicMapper. Matt specializes in implementing innovative approaches for solving tough problems using location information and geospatial technology, and has “seen it all” during his 25 years in the industry. Most recently Matt has been working on creating wayfinding application for pedestrians, integrating municipal storm and sewer infrastructure datasets for 3 Rivers Wet Weather, and establishing GIS as a shared service at Quaker Valley COG. Matt enjoys pushing the edge of consumer grade technology, like phones and drones, to accurately recreate 3D models of surface objects for stormwater studies. Matt is actively engaged in the PA GIS community acting as the current VP of PAMAGIC, serving as the co-lead on the state-wide PA Elevation Working Group Hydrology Application Network, and is a certified GIS Professional (GISP). When not thinking about his customers, Matt enjoys exploring the Laurel Highlands, testing out new mapping technologies for fun, and reading new science fiction.

Claire Burns

Geospatial Analyst

Claire Burns (she/her) is a Geospatial Analyst at CivicMapper, providing a variety of GIS, geodata, and geospatial services to municipal and infrastructure project clients. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Environmental Studies from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as a certificate in Geographic Information Systems. Claire pursued a career in geospatial technology after a college class introduced her to the seemingly endless possibilities of GIS as a tool to combine a multitude of interests. She is excited to work in a position at the intersection of technology, data visualization, sustainability, and environmental planning. Outside of work, you can find Claire running around Pittsburgh, trying new recipes and restaurants, and enjoying the outdoors.

Rose Saville-Iksic


Geospatial Analyst

Rose A. Saville-Iksic, MSED (she/her) is a GIS Analyst at Civic Mapper. She has 10+ years of experience as a Geographer and Data Scientist. In her role as a GIS Analyst, Rose draws on extensive field experience with GNSS hardware and software, best practices for high-accuracy data collection, and mobile data collection setup and management. She is also versed in performing a variety of GIS and data management tasks including: map creation, geospatial and environmental data/database management, data analysis, and web-based mapping application development. Rose is the account representative for our municipal accounts. She enjoys bringing the utility of GIS to new and novice users, empowering new-to-GIS practitioners to make and manage authoritative data. When she is not in the office, she can be found creating textile artworks, walking her Aussidoodle, or keeping up with one or both of her two young boys.


What our clients say

Lynn Colosi
VP, Delta Development Group, LLC

For Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, our team undertook an inventive approach to improving key corridors and multimodal hubs throughout the 10-county region. CivicMapper was the cornerstone of the Project’s success. Using their expertise in geospatial information and technology, CivicMapper devised a tool to determine the landscape of possibilities for implementing and/or modernizing regional multimodal connections. Their work enabled a comprehensive examination of current and historical travel trends, identification of barriers and determination of opportunities to implement better multimodal infrastructure and connections throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. Emily, Christian and their team have a smart and unique way of identifying and interpreting data, which is essential for any type of project.

our partners

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Civic Mapper helps clients across a variety of sectors effectively use geospatial data and technology. Our professional and academic experience helps bridge the gap between technology and real-world solutions.  Get in touch to learn about what we can do for you.

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