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Now Hiring! Software Developer
July 31, 2023
Christian Gass
Our Humble Hydrologic Helpers: Mapping Culverts for 3D Hydrology and Stormwater Management
February 28, 2023
Emily Constantine Mercurio

Part of CivicMapper’s stormwater solution involves the digital mapping of #culverts and #catchbasin locations. These critical pieces of information help us to improve the hydrologically-attuned digital terrain models that are the basis of mapping the flow of stormwater across the Earth’s surface.

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The Five "I" Values of CivicMapper
June 29, 2021
Emily Constantine Mercurio

Read about our values, why they matter, and how they guide our services.

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Using Geospatial Data to Support the Design Process
March 18, 2019
Emily Constantine Mercurio
Mapping the Lead in Our Water Lines
November 15, 2016
Emily Constantine Mercurio

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