Remote Sensing & UAS

We enlighten our clients with the power of remotely sensed spatial information and help them adopt modern methods of collection, processing, and delivery.

Our staff have worked professionally with satellite and aerial imaging and airborne and terrestrial Lidar since the mid-1990’s, and have been regular users of these data ever since. We are well versed in the science behind these technology as well as the applications of derivative remotely sensed data including land cover, NDVI, thematic mapping, automated feature extraction, digital elevation datasets, and accuracy assessment.

CivicMapper’s founders were early adopters of drones and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and are well-versed on how data from these technologies can be used to inform GIS and mapping projects. We have helped several surveying and engineering companies establish their drone programs and work with them to collect, process, and deliver imagery, planimetric, and maps built from these systems.  

We are also experienced in the use of GPS and help clients work with the data collected from these devices. We partner with construction and engineering companies to move their GPS data into a GIS, bringing information to life in a dynamic, contextual, and analytic computing environment.

CivicMapper is also skilled in the use of handheld devices like high resolution mobile phone and 360° cameras to create three-dimensional models of the built environment, especially in areas that are difficult to access. Our award-winning team has built numerous 3D models of roadside infrastructure, stormwater infrastructure, and points of interest.

Land Cover Map of Carrie Furnace, Pittsburgh along the Monongahela River

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Civic Mapper helps clients across a variety of sectors effectively use geospatial data and technology. Our professional and academic experience helps bridge the gap between technology and real-world solutions.  Get in touch to learn about what we can do for you.

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