CivicMapper helps our customers better understand, address, and implement solutions through the use and development of geodata and geospatial technology.

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We use modern mapping technologies to help actualize your project vision.

Our creative team of geospatial thinkers and problem solvers uses a combination of GIS, geodata, and software development to build solutions that turn your ideas into reality. Our customers’ use cases are the inspiration behind every solution. We bring a spirit of innovation to all client projects and services, and we continuously seek out new technologies and tools that provide the best return on investment.

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Geospatial Data

We fuel innovation, empower decision making, and inspire new insights through geospatial data.

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Remote Sensing & UAS

We enlighten our clients with the power of remotely sensed spatial information and help them adopt modern methods of collection, processing, and delivery.

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Enterprise GIS

We empower businesses, governments, and non-profits to maximize their GIS return on investment.

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Geospatial Analysis and Modeling

We analyze geospatial information and create spatially-informed models that integrate seamlessly into your operations and technology stack.

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Web Application Development

We create innovative web-deployable map applications for public outreach, internal business processes, and everything in between.

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Civic Mapper helps clients across a variety of sectors effectively use geospatial data and technology. Our professional and academic experience helps bridge the gap between technology and real-world solutions.  Get in touch to learn about what we can do for you.

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