Our Humble Hydrologic Helpers: Mapping Culverts for 3D Hydrology and Stormwater Management

Hello everyone! And a special Hello to visitors in #pittsburgh this week who are attending the 2023 National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) Midyear Meeting, “Building Geospatial Bridges to the Future”, right here in our hometown!

CivicMapper has been keeping really busy over the past year with many new projects, growing our staff, and expanding into new markets. We continue to focus our work on climate, infrastructure, and social equity. Of note, we have built #geospatial datasets and tools that help our clients better understand and quantify #stormwater through what we call a “pre-engineering” solution.

Part of CivicMapper’s stormwater solution involves the digital mapping of #culverts and #catchbasin locations. These critical pieces of information help us to improve the hydrologically-attuned digital terrain models that are the basis of mapping the flow of stormwater across the Earth’s surface.

These maps, along with other #climate and land cover datasets, work together to inform our peak flow and culvert capacity calculations. The spatially-enabled outputs of these calculations are then used by our customers to help plan and design the engineering solutions for stormwater management and flood prevention.

We at CivicMapper believe that water is life, and our goal is to help communities through source water reduction support that will empower better decision making. If you want to learn more about our work, please check out this Storymap we put together that steps through a part of our “pre-engineering” process! Here, you can see examples of culvert mapping projects and some 3D models of critical stormwater infrastructure.

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