3RWW Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox

A fun, dynamic, and interactive sandbox that demonstrates the interplay of water, land, and gravity and how they shape our world.

CivicMapper built an Augmented Reality Sandbox for 3 Rivers Wet Weather using the instructions and resources available from UC Davis. The AR Sandbox is an amazing learning and teaching tool that demonstrates the concepts of contour and topographic mapping in a fun, dynamic, and interactive way. The sandbox consists of a fabricated open box filled with low-dust play sand, paired with a suite of hardware and software tools that bring mapping to life. The AR Sandbox can also "rain" and "drain" stormwater, further bringing home the concepts of flooding and gravity flow across a land surface.

We have helped demonstrate the sandbox at many outreach and educational events across the region. For a video of the sandbox in action, please click here.

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