Make It Rain

Making big climate data accessible to all: hyper-local rainfall data to support environmental compliance and research for Allegheny County.

3RWW Rainfall provides public access to high-resolution rainfall data downloads from a system of rain gauges and NEXRAD radar to support engineers and planners addressing wet weather issues in Allegheny County. Since 2000, 3 Rivers Wet Weather (Pittsburgh, PA) has been recording rainfall gauge data every 15 minutes in Allegheny County. These rain gage data are used to calibrate NEXRAD radar data to produce a map of on the ground rainfall estimates for every 1 square kilometer in Allegheny County. When radar estimates of rainfall are calibrated with actual rain gauge data, a highly accurate and valuable source of rainfall data can be calculated over large geographic areas. These data are used by engineers, planners, and municipalities operating in sub watersheds within the County.

Currently, the site offers rainfall data in three buckets:

  • Real-time Rainfall data: provisional rainfall data from both rain gauges and radar pixels, updated every 15 minutes.
  • Historical Rain Gauge data: QA/QC'd rain gauge data, updated by the month within 30-60 days
  • Calibrated Radar Rainfall data: QA/QC'd, gauge-adjusted radar rainfall observations, updated by the month within 30-60 days

See a presentation about this project here (from the 2021 Pittsburgh Technology Council "Beyond Big Data" Conference)!

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