3RWW Sewer Atlas

A web mapping application that enables interaction with a unified wastewater data network representing multiple municipalities in a sanitary authority's service area.

In 2015, 3 Rivers Wet Weather partnered with CivicMapper to replace several disparate legacy mapping systems. One of these projects, the Sewer Infrastructure Atlas, entailed a sweeping re-envisioning of a previous web mapping application, database, and data maintenance workflow into a modern, mobile-first, and field-ready wastewater network mapping and analysis toolset.

The Sewer Atlas provides an interactive view of a compiled wastewater network dataset covering the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority’s (ALCOSAN) 82-municipality service area. This dataset has been curated and reconciled into a robust geometric network, which enables upstream and downstream network tracing and summary functionality to support system analysis and monitoring processes at a regional level.

Since 2015, CivicMapper has developed and implemented a data maintenance process to ensure that the map stays up to date. The team updates the database with sewer, stormwater, and combined sewer systems data submitted to 3RWW by municipalities in the ALCOSAN service area. This process focuses on ensuring infrastructure vector data like manholes, storm drains, inlets, outfalls, and culverts are properly attributed with the correct topology, flow directions, and tabular data for the data source maintainers. This process accounts for newly added and repaired sewer and stormwater infrastructure so that the most accurate and up to date information is made available to municipal partners within the unified spatial database.  

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